The Highway Hockey league held their Spring Meeting in Strasbourg on April 12th. Two important things happened at this meeting.

First, the Highway Hockey League has been advised that the Wynyard Monarchs are leaving our league and joining the Long Lake Hockey League. We appreciate our relationship with the Wynyard community and the management and players from the Monarchs over these past fifteen years. The Monarchs won the Robert Schultz Cup in 2008 and in 2014. They also won Provincial 'A' in 2014. The Highway Hockey League sincerely wishes the Wynyard Monarchs success in their new league.

Secondly, the Highway Hockey League is very pleased to announce that after a three year absence the Southey Marlins have been extended an invitation to rejoin our League after having given representation at our meeting. The Marlins had been in our league for over 25 years and have won our championship on five occasions with their last banner being in 2010. We look forward to working with the new executive in Southey and will pass on more information in future. To the Southey community we are excited to have senior hockey back in your community.

Gerry Tomkins


Highway Hockey League