Lumsden Monarchs win QVHHL Championship

The Lumsden Monarchs defeated the Balcarres Broncs 4-3 Sunday evening in Lumsden and won the first QVHHL Championship 3 games to 1. The Monarchs scored on their first shot of the game on a goal from Sam Aulie. The Broncs then proceeded to put the pressure on for the first half of the period but could not score. Riley Riddell would score with just under six minutes left in the period to put the Monarchs up 2-0 and then with one minute left in the period Kyle Johnson scored to put the Monarchs up 3-0 going into the second period. The teams would each score one goal in the second period with Riddell scoring his second of the game and Brayden Frank getting the first goal for Balcarres. It was 4-1 going into the third period. With just over eight minutes left in the period Jared Martin would score for the Broncs  and shortly after Justin Bernhardt would score but that would be as close as the Broncs would get. Balcarres certainly did "not go gently into that good night". Dawson Macauley would stop 40 shots in the Lumsden net and Dean Brothen stopped 26 shots in the Balcarres net.

Congratulations to the Monarchs. This year both the QVHL League Champions Trophy and the HHL Robert Schultz Cup were presented to them. The MVP belt went to Kevin DuFour from the Monarchs.

We will have a wrap up and some pictures for you shortly.